Finding the Best Acupuncturist in Red Deer, Alberta

Recently, I was on a business trip through parts of Western Canada and the United States checking out different businesses, and seeing acupuncture in work through-out different parts of the continent.  I have been busy at work examining legislation from other parts of the country, and even from our neighbor to the north, Canada.  As you can see here, legislation varies significantly even within our own country.  It changes a lot from state to state, and sometimes even on the city government level.  While in Canada, I was visiting a small to medium sized city (I believe of about 100,000).  I was searching for Red Deer acupuncture, and I found a very useful website for doing so (linked before).  Although I did find the options to be fairly limited, there was what appeared to be some good acupuncturists in the city.

In the USA, most states require NCCAOM licensing to perform their duties as an acupuncturist.  We are aiming to bring more changes to the acupuncture legislation within our home state of New York, and look forward to seeing any support you guys have to offer.  The more people we can get involved, the louder the voice we can project to legislative decision-makers.

If you are interested in reading more or getting involved, start by reading our Legislative Goals section of our website to get an idea on what changes we plan on pushing.  Then, read our How to Help section for some ideas on getting more involved!