Legislative Goals

NYS Acupuncture Coalition is working hard for the acupuncture profession and our patients. Our current legislative goals for NYS Bill Number A10143 include:


  1. Amend the Acupuncture License (LAc) to both acknowledge and protect the use of traditional herbal medicine for Acupuncturists. This will reflect the long standing traditional herbal medicine education standards in place in NY State Acupuncture programs. The programs have Master degree granting status under the auspices of the NY State Education Department. * For those wanting to practice and recommend custom-made herbal formulations, documentation of training would be required along with passage of National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) exam. * Only LICENSED ACUPUNCTURISTS who are practicing herbs will be affected. The legislation will not impact those individuals who practice herbs without an acupuncture license.
  2. * The impact of the new educational requirements would take effect on a designated date for all future licensees; as such, a “grandfather” understanding will be implicit in the practice act.
  3. Require New York State Mandated Continuing Education Units for license renewal.
  4. Additionally, include acupuncturists on the list, along with other healthcare practitioners, in mandatory reporting of child abuse.
  5. Change the make up of LAc representation on the State Acupuncture Board tospecifically include a higher percentage of licensed acupuncturists. Data supports that this would bring the acupuncture board in line with other NYS professional boards.
  6. Allow for an out of state, or country, visiting faculty instructor to maintain the ability and legal right to perform acupuncture inside of an educational context. This will mirror a provision in the CA practice act. (Certified Acupuncturist: MD, DDS, Osteopath).

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